fuck tiittle2.
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Your name is SAMUEL CAPTOR and you are a fuck up.

Chumhandle: twinApocalypses
Status: Online
Location: New York

holy 2hiit ii forgot ii even had thii2 fuckiing blog.

aniimal cro22iing wiill con2ume your fuckiing liife.

beiing a mermaiid 2uck2…

(but at lea2t ii can play wiith AA’2 boob2)

y’know what’2 better then beiing a 2iiren?

not beiing a 2iiren.

can you miicrowave baby formula?

the wor2t part ii2 ii cant even change the fuckiing color2 back tiill ii get home.


apparently troll me ha2 two diick2.

2o apparently now that ii’m a troll ii can 2ee agaiin..


tiime two watch 2ome porn.

can 2omeone plea2e tell me what the fuck ju2t happened?

iit feel2 good two not have two 2peak fuckiing thaii anymore.

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